Development of offshore wind power sector in Poland may provide an annual average of 77 thousands of new jobs. It is estimated that as a result of the increase of average employment in ports there will be a drop in unemployment in the region by as much as 27%. The local community will benefit from the OWF in a long term. In the first years during the implementation of the investment, the demand for labour will increase. It will be necessary to employ as much as 15 thousands of people, which will directly translate into this many new jobs in the Pomeranian and West-Pomeranian Voivodeships. This change will result in a decrease in unemployment in the regions and the increase of quality of life for their inhabitants. The main beneficiaries of the project may include the following port localities: Władysławowo, Darłowo, Ustka, Łeba, Kołobrzeg, for which the investment is a huge development opportunity. Additional income to the local government budgets will likely cause an increase of spending on the regions’ infrastructure and consequently the improvement of living conditions for local communities. [1]      


1. Sources: McKinsey & Company report