Marine environment survey programme

A comprehensive, pre-investment marine environment survey programme was finished after more than a year in the area of the offshore wind farm planned by PGE Energia Odnawialna and in its closest vicinity. The undertaking was carried out by Polish and foreign experts to assess the investment’s environmental impact.

Surveys started in March 2016 and finished in May 2017, took place in the area of 483 km² and involved the following elements of the environment:

– demersal organisms – inventory of phytobenthos and zoobenthos, collection and analysis of samples, underwater inspection

– fish – research catches and hydroacoustic monitoring

– marine mammals – acoustic monitoring of the sea background and hydroacoustic detection of porpoises, aerial observations, observations along the coastline,

– birds – observations of wintering and migrating birds

– bats – acoustic monitoring

– seabed – geophysical measurements of the seabed, collection of seabed sediments and cores, detection of objects of anthropogenic origin

– marine waters – hydrological and hydrometeorological monitoring taking into account sea currents

Moreover, in the area of the planned course of connection infrastructure, environmental inventory of the following elements was carried out:

– fungi

– lichens

– mosses and liverworts

– vascular plants and natural habitats

– aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates

– fish

– amphibians and reptiles

– birds

– mammals and bats