• Construction of the offshore wind farm will have no negative impact on landscape and tourism value of the Baltic Sea. Windmills will be invisible or poorly visible for 95% of days a year for the inhabitants of the coast or people resting there. Moreover, experiences from several western countries have shown that an offshore wind farm may become a vital part of region’s tourism landscape.
  • Offshore wind power is environmentally friendly. The investment implemented by PGE Energia Odnawialna will help avoid emissions of 1.4 Million tonnes of CO₂ annually.[1]
  •  Environmental surveys have shown with high certainty that offshore wind power projects may be beneficial to the Baltic Sea fauna. Scientific research shows that construction of foundations for a wind turbine may increase the habitat area of the seabed by as much as 250%. This investment will make it possible to create artificial reefs, breeding and regeneration habitats for fish and benthos. This phenomenon will result in a 60‑ fold increase in biomass resources which is a vital food source for fish.[2]

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